Listed below are the some of the required forms for utilizing the DCSS services, as well as informational brochures. We will continue to add additional forms in the future. We hope these forms will save you time when using our services.

You must have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to utilize these forms. To obtain the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader software, please visit the Adobe site to download a free version. Please print them on your home printer, complete and return by mail or bring them with you on your next office visit. Obtain the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader software.

TurboCourt LogoIs a quick and easy interactive web-based system that guides you through the process of opening a new child support case or requesting a review for modification of an existing child support order. TurboCourt provides the option of electronically submitting your forms free of charge to Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services.
Certification of Annual Service Fee Exemption
To be completed by Parent/Party Receiving Support (PRS) who believe that their case does not meet the criteria for the $25 Annual Service Fee. Please see Notice of New Federally Mandated Annual Service Fee for further information.
Child Care Verification
Verificacion de Cuidado de Ninos
Used primarily for case opening
Compromise of Arrears Application (COAP) - English
Compromise of Arrears Application (COAP) - Spanish
COAP is a program for eligible noncustodial parents (NCPs) to reduce the past-due child support they owe to the government. Prior to completing the application please contact our office to confirm eligibility
Confidential Paternity Questionnaire
Cuestionario Confidencial de Paternidad
Used primarily for case opening
Customer Connect... step-by-step
Cliente Conectado... paso a paso
Informational brochure on accessing California's child support self-service information system
Family Violence Questionnaire
Cuestionario de Violencia Familiar
Used primarily for case opening
Declaration of Support Payment History
Declaracion Historial de Pago de Mantenimiento
Used primarily for case opening, includes instruction for completing form
Health Insurance Information
Informacion de Seguro de Salud
To be completed for purposes of providing the availability of health coverage for children
Income and Expense Declaration
Used primarily for case opening and for requests to review for child support modification
Request and Authorization for Release of Information
To be completed by customers requesting that an authorized representative have the ability to discuss their case with our office
Telephonic Hearing – FL679 Form - Original Signature Required At Time Of Filing
Telephonic Hearing Information Sheet
Upon request, the court, in its discretion, may permit a telephone appearance in any hearing or conference related to an action for child support under title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Telephonic hearings are not allowed for contested trials, contempt hearings, orders of examination, and any matters in which the party or witness has been subpoenaed to appear in person. Nor allowed for cases in which the identity of the person appearing by telephone is in question or cannot be verified.
Visitation Verification
Verificacion de Visitas
Used primarily for case opening
Voluntary Case Closure Request
The Parent/Party Receiving Support (PRS) may complete this form when requesting case closure
Wage and Insurance Verification
Used by employers to provide employment and earnings information