Message from the Director

Child Support is an important part of the social safety net for families in our county. With an overarching focus on customer service, performance, and communication, we, the Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services, work diligently to fulfill our core duties to:

  • Establish parentage
  • Establish child support orders
  • Collect on both current child support obligations and past due arrears
  • Be cost-effective

At the same time, we assist with court order modification due to parents’ income changes, debt relief, and releasing of license suspensions. We work with local agencies to reduce barriers that may prevent parents from paying their support. We offer our services to all families, regardless of income level.

We are caring and dedicated because we know that children who have actively engaged parents grow up to be better off emotionally, academically, financially and socially. And we recognize it takes the engagement of all parents. The Department is here to help you in providing a stable and supportive environment to your children.

Whether you need a review of an existing order or need child support established, connect with us. The Child Support Professionals of Stanislaus County are ready to help you.


Baljit Atwal, Director