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About Us

Who We Are

The Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services is a county operated, state supervised local child support agency here to provide a range of services. We put children first by helping both parents assume responsibility for the economic and social well-being, health, and stability of their children. We help both parents recognize the value of improved relationships with both parents.

What We Do

The Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services provides professional cost-effective services to parents or caretakers of minor children. We offer solutions for parents including the establishment and enforcement of child support orders through exclusive enforcement tools, establishment of legal parentage through genetic testing, complete account maintenance, and exceptional customer service to assist customers every step of the way.

What We Offer

The collection of child support has a profound effect on families. We provide necessities of life for tens of thousands of children. Often the difference between new clothes, an adequate home, nutritional food, and participation in school activities, is the timely receipt of child support. We make a difference! Some of the services we provide are: establishment of new orders for child support and medical insurance, enforcement of existing child support orders, collection and distribution of payments, complete accounting of child support payments, establishment of parentage, locate services, call center customer support and 24 hour automated telephone services.

Message from the Director

Our mission, vision and values encompass a fervent desire for each parent to be able to be the best person they can be. For children, this means providing financial, emotional and ethical support.

Our mission is to establish parentage and support orders and to enforce those support orders as efficiently as possible, while providing excellent customer service.

We, as a Department and as individuals, are dedicated to:

  • Establishing Parentage
  • Establishing Child Support Orders
  • Collecting Child Support and Arrears
  • Cost-Effectiveness

The best customer service we can provide is collecting and distributing 100% of all child support due each and every month. If the parent is in custody or has suffered a decrease in income, our department will ask the court to adjust the child support. If the parent has an increase in income, our department will ask the court to adjust the order to reflect reality. If the parent needs job training, our department will refer that parent to the appropriate agency to obtain training.

The Department faces many challenges and opportunities. Working together, focusing on children, we will succeed.

Baljit Atwal, Director